LinkSys drivers problem...

LinkSys drivers problem...

Post by yee ha » Wed, 07 Mar 2001 06:17:00

i recently purchased the LinkSys PCM100 - EtherFast 10/100 Integrated PC
Card and i went to the LinkSys site to check for information and,
suprisingly, i found a page on configuring an interface for BSD
the site says that there are two different chipsets available in the card
mentioned above.  it says that the de interface should be used with cards
with the Digital chipset and pn should be used with the cards with the
LinkSys or PNIC chipsets.  i'm pretty sure that i have a PNIC type but i'm
not 100% sure.  anyway, i tried to install the drivers from the LinkSys site
for the pn interface, but the files are for FreeBSD 2.x or 3.x.  when i did
a 'make depend' before recompiling my kernel i got a message saying that
"bpfilter.h" is not available.  i looked in my /sys/pci directory and i
noticed that there is a file called bpf.h, but not bpfilter.h.  i guess my
main question is: what, if anything, can i do to obtain a driver developed
for BSD 4.1?


1. LinkSys driver problem

i have a LinkSys PCM100 - EtherFast 10/100 Integrated PC Card and i am
running 4.1-release.  i went to the LinkSys site to find info on drivers and
suprisingly i found that they have a section about configuring my card under
BSD.  i have quoted the section below from the site:

EtherFast 10/100 LAN Card
There are different versions of the EtherFast card available. Some are
equipped with a Digital chipset and Some with a PNIC or a LINKSYS chipset.
Both Chipsets are compatable with FreeBSD. The cards with the DIGITAL
chipset should work using the driver for DEC (de) based adapters. The cards
using the PNIC and LINKSYS chips will work with FreeBSD by following the
instructions below

The Linksys Fast Ethernet network card is ready to run with FreeBSD 2.2.x
and 3.x. the driver source can be obtained from here:
driver source for FreeBSD 3.x
driver source for FreeBSD 2.2.x

the rest is here:

by looking at my driver disk that came with the card, i gather that i have
the PNIC chipset so i assume that have have to install the drivers for the
pn interface.  the problem is that the drivers available from the links
above are not specifically for BSD 4.1.  nevertheless, i said a prayer and
tried the drivers for 3.x from the link above, but i got a "file not found:
bpfilter.h" when a ran a 'make depend' on my modified source tree.  i then
looked in the sys/pci directory and i found a file called bpf.h which looks
like it may be the newer version of bpfilter.h. so, my question is should i
install BSD 3.x so that i can use the above drivers, or is there somewhere i
can go to find a newer version of this driver?

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