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Im new to BSD but not to Unix. Im primary using Linux as Webserver. Ive
heard a lot of good means about BSD and so I ask for the differences between
Linux and BSD. I would use it for a Server. Which BSD is most secure? And
how secure is it compared with linux? Is it true that BSD wont be developed




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so I ask for the differences between

Quote:> Linux and BSD.

Linux was written from scratch and contains no AT&T Code whatsoever and has
no connection to UNIX other than being similar to it.
*BSD is a direct descendant of UNIX. It does not contains any AT&T code
anymore but is a result of the CSRG efforts at Berkeley which was given UNIX
for free by AT&T BELL.

Most of the Linux Distributions these days are based on the System V version
of UNIX. BSD is, well, based on the original 4.4BSD. The CSRG at UC Berkeley
was disbanded in the early 90's and a number of legal tussles followed
regarding FreeBSD releasing source code of its versions that contained
actual AT&T code.
The only version that remotely resembles the BSD's is Slackware Linux which
has startup scripts similar to the BSDs'.

The developement of Linux is somewhat chaotic whereas the BSD's are
controlled by a group of experts who decide what goes where.

I could go on forever on the topic of differences between the two OS's.

Quote:>Which BSD is most secure?

OpenBSD's agenda is security and is known to be very secure. NetBSD and
FreeBSD are not that far behind but they have priorities that sometimes put
other things such as stability and performance first. In the case of NetBSD,
its team's goal is to make NetBSD run on as many platforms as possible. It
currently runs on more than 40 if I am correct.


Quote:> how secure is it compared with linux?

Well, they say that, "The gun does not matter as much as the man behind the
gun." You can make Linux as secure as any other OS and vise versa. But it
helps if the OS in question is already very secure and in that case I think
OpenBSD is more secure than any Linux distribution out there.

Is it true that BSD wont be developed

Quote:> anymore?

Where did you get that idea from?

Assad Khan.


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FreeBSD or NetBSD (or OpenBSD)?  Any reason I should stay away from the
BSD's?  If not, which one for desktop/net use?  Obliviously I'm a noob.
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the differences with Linux.  I do want a GUI with whatever I install.

john o
rh 7.3


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