how to install net card : cs8920 ( onboard in Ibm) in freebsd 4.3 release?

how to install net card : cs8920 ( onboard in Ibm) in freebsd 4.3 release?

Post by sunshi » Thu, 07 Jun 2001 00:44:49

thanks a lot !

1. OpenServer Release 5 competitive trade-ins

At SCO Forum this week, I asked some of our sales people to explain our
"competitive trade-in" programs.  Here's what I learned.

This is absolutely unofficial and I might have completely misunderstood
part of it.  Your milage may vary, etc.

"Competitive trade-ins" are trade-in offers for competing Unix products.
They are offered for any Intel Unix based on AT&T/USL System V code
(e.g.  Interactive Unix, Microport System V/AT, Novell UnixWare, Solaris
x86, etc.)  I don't know if we would consider non-Intel or non-SysV
products.  Also, "competitive trade-in" is the only upgrade path from
older SCO products: pre-2.3 SCO XENIX releases, 286 XENIX releases, and
possibly pre-2.0 ODT/pre-3.2v4.0 Unix releases.

Two trade-ins are offered: for $444(*), to SCO OpenServer Release 5 Host
System 5-user; for $777(*), to SCO OpenServer Release 5 Enterprise

(*)A bunch of notes about pricing:

  o They're US prices, international prices (and policies?) *will* vary

  o Prices *are* discountable if you are a dealer, distributor etc.

  o I don't know whether they include SCO SES (Software Enhancement

  o I don't know if media charges are extra

  o Printed doc charges are almost certainly extra (as with standard
    Open Server Release 5, all docs are provided online, printed are

  o The usual complex pricing system for additional users, add-on
    layered products, etc. applies

  o I might have misunderstood the prices

"Contact your reseller or SCO for more information"

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