Thank you to the FreeBSD Team

Thank you to the FreeBSD Team

Post by NoNameHe » Mon, 23 Jun 2003 13:58:47

I have had quite a few problems with Linux on my server (Dell
Poweredge 500SC, 1280mb ECC SDRAM, 3 IDE drives + CDROM, 2 NICS, DDS3
Tape).  My frustration level finally hit a peak with Redhat 9, and I
was about to give in and pirate a copy of Win2K.

Then, I remembered that my old firewall ran BSD & had an uptime of 7
months.  So, I downloaded FreeBSD 4.8.  FreeBSD installed without any
problems.  All my ports compiled without any problems.  Apache + PHP +
MySQL seems to run quite well.  I gotta admit, ECC SDRAM makes a huge
difference.  The funky errors I had with the non-ECC sdram are gone.

Postfix -> Amavis + f-prot -> Procmail -> SpamAssassin -> Courier IMAP
worked first try, without any major hassles (just followed a couple of
MAN pages & how-to articles, stuck to the PORTS system).  WOOHOO!!!!!
The spam is gone!!!!!! It may still hit my sytem, but I don't see it

Samba & Cups work well (thank God both my printers are HP), and the
speed is about identical to Win2K, once I got FreeBSD tuned well (it
sucks you gotta tune it, but that is life, eh?).

Nat/IPF works like a champ, and when combined with the right proxy
servers is very safe&secure (much better than a $50 Linksys).

So, I gotta say thank you to everyone involved in providing such a
*in stable & feature-rich OS for free.  I spent $1 on 2 CDs, and
got an amazing amount of quality software for my $1.  Thank you to
everyone who provides these killer server daemons (the ones above
especially, but also many others I am running also) for free also.


1. Just would like to thank the FreeBSD Team!

  Just would like to thank the FreeBSD team and everyone at Walnut
Creek for the 2.1.5 release CD I just received! Imagine my surprise
when I opened the box and pulled out "Installing and Running FreeBSD"
which was included at no charge. Well done Greg Lehey! Thanks to
everyone on the team and in this newsgroup who have answered my
questions/solved my problems since the beginning.
 Ok people, pat yourself on the back and lets get back to work! I'm
off to upgrade......


                     Dan Hauer
              Extended Technical Support - PA's best Internet Ride!


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