Gnome install fails...

Gnome install fails...

Post by Kai Gra » Mon, 18 Mar 2002 00:11:48

Hello all,

Newbie question:  I'm trying to install Gnome from a package. Everything
seems okay until is gets to:

Checking for gm4....No
Checking for m4...m4
Checking whether m4 is GNU m4...

It just hangs at this point.  Any suggestions.

Thanks much in advance.


1. GNOME settings daemon failing - GNOME 2.0 + Solaris 9

Hi everyone,

I have an AXi-based system which for quite a few months would have
spontaneous kernel crashes which ended up being caused by memory leaks in
some Xscreensaver hacks, or so I've been able to deduce from advice from
others and my own exploring. I can only assume this is something specific to
the architecture of the AXi hardware as the problem has never happened with
my other machines that have GNOME installed (an Ultra 60 and others).

Anyway, since the system crashes on the AXi-based system (which on some
occassions caused large amounts of filesystem damage but almost always was
repairable with manual runs of 'fsck'), the GNOME settings daemon now always
fails when a user session is started, and, perhaps more seriously, trying to
install patches onto the system from Recommended/Security patch kits fails
with errors trying to run the scripts supplied inside each patch package
when 'patchadd' decides that a patch needs to be installed.

This is leading me to think that something else is causing the problem.
Short of doing a complete, clean, re-install of Solaris 9 onto another disk
and copying over the user filesystems and customised 3rd-party software,
what do other people thing the cause might be?

To date, the only way I have been able to successfully upgrade the system to
install patches has been to use Solaris release CD's (CD-R's burnt using the
ISO's downloaded from Sun's website), and that has enabled the system to be
kept up to date, but the problem with installing patches from the
Recommended/Security patch zip files isn't going away.

I think the GNOME settings daemon problem is connected to this, but it's not
a serious issue like the inability to install patch kits.


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