Promiscuous do I disable it?

Promiscuous do I disable it?

Post by Lowell Gilber » Fri, 28 Sep 2001 01:57:58

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> I booted up my laptop today(FreeBSD 4.3), and noticed that the CardBus
> activity light is going on like crazy, so I ran ifconfig ep0 to see what
> was up with my net card and for some reason its entered promiscuous mode,
> I think it may have been enabled when I ran ngrep(as a typo)....Anyways I
> can't find any documentation on how to disable promiscuous mode...So if
> someone could post the command that would be great.

The question is what put it into promiscuous mode in the first place.
If that happened on boot, the best guess is DHCP.  Once it gets an
address, though, it should drop out of promiscuous mode.  The other
likely culprit is some sort of sniffer.

1. Disabling Promiscuous mode

I've heard some comments in this newsgroup about eth0 going into promiscuous
mode.     How do you disable an Ethernet card from entering promiscuous mode
at boot time?    The [MAN] page for "ifconfig" tells you how to manually
turn this feature off, but does anyone know how to permanently disable this

I do not recall ever turning this feature on when configuring my card.  Some
people in this newsgroup believe that this is a sign of being "Hacked".
I'm not sure if this is the case, or I enabled it accidentally when
configuring my network.   Is anyone else having a problem with promiscuous

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