Intel i810 Chipset

Intel i810 Chipset

Post by John T. Ellet » Sun, 31 Dec 2000 18:27:50

Does anyone know when Xfree86 will support the i810 chipset?
And if not anytime soon, is there anyway to get X up an running on my
machine with the onboard video card?



1. xfree86 won′t work with intel i810 chipset

hi all,

ive installed redhat 6.2 on an intel celeron 433 with an intel 810
chipset graphic card on board, and im not able to start x with a
greater resolution than 320x200.

ive tried it with xfree86 v3.6 and there was the problem, that the i810

chipset isnt recognized, therefore the video mode is always set to
320x200 ('generic vga mode'), although i inserted greater resolutions in

the xf86config file in the screen-section :-((.

ive also tried the new version xfree86 4.0, with the corresponding
xserver from the intel-home-page, but after i installed the xf810 server

and the install script completed without errors, i wasnt able to start
xfree86 -configure, due there was an error: 'you must have installed
glide... ...the cannot be found. aborting configuration

can anybody help me???

is there a possibility to work with i810 chipset with a 'good' screen
resolution or does anybody have an example, how i have to configure the

thanx in advance,

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