Win2000 networking

Win2000 networking

Post by mw » Mon, 11 Jun 2001 00:56:39

Can you supply more info as to what is going on, your original post is
not clear at what the real issue is.


Quote:> Hi,

> I am using Win98 networking sharing files between computers......... =
> however I=20
> recently experienced file lost/stolen or something. So I am thinking of =
> having=20
> some kind of monitoring system. Can anyone suggest on this?

> Regards

> Vince


Win2000 networking

Post by Vinc » Mon, 11 Jun 2001 01:37:26

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Basically, I want to have a monitoring system which keeps log of all the sharing
activities.....for example if I have a shared file within the local LAN, I would
be to have records which show who(user) has accessed the file, who has altered
the files.....e.t.c! Thanks