In Explorer Thumbnails don't show up

In Explorer Thumbnails don't show up

Post by Bill Niema » Sat, 15 Feb 2003 07:35:01

I recently removed Photoshop from my Win2000Pro computer.
As I started to view folders of photographs in Explorer
all of the boxes show up along with the filename but the
images are no longer appearing. Might have I deleted a
shared file? Everything shows up fine in ACDSee5.0 however
I like to use Explorer for moving and sorting.

1. .ART files don't show up in Thumbnail view

I have a 5-year old desktop and a brand new laptop - both
running MS XP. On my desktop, .ART files show up in
Thumbnail view while they don't on my laptop. When I say
they don't show up, I mean the preview doesn't show. I
can view the files fine using Internet Explorer (6.0) but
have to blindly open files before I find the one I want.

Does anyone have an idea of how to set my laptop up so I
can quickly preview my .ART files? I almost always save
as .ART files to save space and it would be extreemly
cumbersome and memory intensive to convert each file
to .bmp (which is the only conversion that seems to work
for me).

Your ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks. Brett.

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