Network Connectivity Drops

Network Connectivity Drops

Post by Chris Pletche » Thu, 21 Jun 2001 15:37:07

It's a registry thing. Use the command "NET CONFIG SERVER
/AUTODISCONNECT:-1" and restart. It's in a KB article, I dont recall which
exactly, but check it out. I had that problem and did that command and
haven't had any problems /yet/. It seems that by default, the computer
disconnects from the network (without telling you, of course!) after 15
minutes of inactivity. This should get rid of that stupid thing. Like I
said, I tried it and haven't had any problems, but we'll find out after my
computer sits here idle tonight.


Quote:> Looks like no one has an answer to it and it can't be that we are the only
> ones having this problem.
> Can't people see that this is an issue?
> Really, seems like no one likes to take on a challenge and stand up.


1. Network Connectivity Drops


I was a Windows 98, ME user. I upgraded to Windows 2000 Pro and I will never
go back.
I love Windows 2000 Pro...except for one thing.
I get constant disconnections from the Network. I am currently logged in
using a Cable Modem so I should always be on.
My second computer is on the same network and never goes down....(well 99.5
% of the time is up), but yes my Windows 2000 Pro
is constantly kicking me out of the network and I am unable to view
websites, read my email, (using outlook express), and on and on.
What I do to fix it is either enter the IPCONFIG, (sometimes this does not
work when I am off the network), or just wait for minutes and minutes.

This is kind of a pain. How do I go around this is there  a fix?
I have updated my Windows 2000 Pro to service pack 1 also and still problems
are there.

Please, any help would be mostly appreciated.


Carlos Vasquez

2. Sr. RPG AS400 Developer (experience Healthcare knowledge must)

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