parse "nTSecurityDescriptor" attribute problem

parse "nTSecurityDescriptor" attribute problem

Post by dais » Thu, 21 Jun 2001 16:08:01

How to parse the detail of "nTSecurityDescriptor" attribute by LDAP Api?

I using ldap_search_s() function to retrieve only attribute
"nTSecurityDescriptor" ,
then the code as follows:
    ULONG  valueCount = 0, i;
    pEntry = ldap_first_entry(ld, pMsg);
    attrName = ldap_first_attribute(ld, pEntry, &ptr);

    struct berval**  values = ldap_get_values_len(ld, pEntry, attrName);
    valueCount = ldap_count_values_len(values);
    printf("%s%s: count=%d\n", offset, attrName, valueCount);

Then, how to parse berval structure that inside is "nTSecurityDescriptor"
attribute value?
The parse purpose is to get the informations, such as DACL, ... etc,.
Maybe include the detail of DACL, ACL and ACE.
Like using ADSI, get_DiscretionaryAcl() method to retrieve the detail of

I would program that delegate a user to manage the OU by LDAP api, not ADSI.

If anybody knows, please help me.



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