NT 4 vs Win2000

NT 4 vs Win2000

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Can you use a Sid changer for NT4 on win2k, or is there a win2k sid changer?

1. Win2000 Machine sees NT network but NT network cannot see Win2000 machine

My machine is a Win2000 workstation while the rest of the network is
NT 4 sp6a, including the server.

I can see and have access to the whole network, although networked
printer connections are much slower at initializing than they were
under NT, but there isn't a NT machine on the network that can see,
let alone, utilitize my shared drives & printers.

I recently got all the available updates from Microsoft and one of the
updates was to the 3Com NIC. I can't say that that IS the problem
since this installation of Win2000 is so new that any problems
accessing my shares may not have had time to be brought to my
attention; that is, the problem may have been present from the
beginning of the Win2000 installation.

On a side note, and possibly unrelated, I cannot connect to FTP sites
using my FTP program Bullet Proof. I thought that might have been our
switch to Sprint Broadband but when booting to my NT partition the FTP
program works properly. They could be related but maybe not.

Anyone have a place to start looking?



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