Display Problem with 2000 Server

Display Problem with 2000 Server

Post by Ade Thompso » Fri, 22 Mar 2002 10:19:22

Hmm, could be that your set the refresh rate to high, you don't tell us
exactly what happens, if you can put a good monitor onto the system and see
if it works, if so then lower the refresh rate, i.e
Display ->Advanced->monitor.......
Download the monitor driver and do a right mouse click->install, that should
do the trick

Ade Thompson

Quote:> I have a Gateway FPD1500 monitor that I can only use if I
> am in safe mode on 2000 Server.  Monitor Class is missing
> from Hardware Types List and every document on fixing the
> problem says to update the drivers.  Every option to
> update the driver is grayed out so I can't update it.  Is
> there somthing I can do at a command line level, or is
> there anything I can do in the registry?

> Sincerely,

> Frustrated


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I am installing windows 2000 server on my laptop.  I
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I am running this on a toshiba 2805 S202

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