Disk Management in Window 2000

Disk Management in Window 2000

Post by Huei » Tue, 28 Jan 2003 06:25:09

I have a 73GB Fiber Channel Hard Drive which I hook up to
my Windows 2000 Server computer.  The Device Manager
recognize the 73GB Fiber Channel drive but I cant see the
drive in Disk Management.  What's the cause of that?

Please advise.  Thank you


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I have developed a Word-Addin using Vb.net. I have created
a Setup File for deployment. On Windows 2000 professional
machines the Add-in get registered in the Installation
process. But on Windows 2000 server machine Installation
is successful but The Add-in is not registered  during
installation process. I have to manually register the Add-
in to get it started. The add-in does not have a strong
name so I  have specified the location of Installation
Folder to that of winword.exe

Please Help

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