Windows Explorer Doesn't show Properties Window

Windows Explorer Doesn't show Properties Window

Post by Brad Farrel » Tue, 26 Feb 2002 13:33:25

I'm trying to look at the properties of a drive within Windows
Explorer.  I do the right-click and get the menu, select properties, and
nothing happens.  This same thing occurs if I use the My Computer
process or the menu option from the menu bar.  Also happens if I'm
looking at a file or a folder.  The other options from the submenu work
just fine.

Any suggestions?  I'm doing this from within the admin account.




1. Windows Explorer doesn't show drive properties...

Does any one knows why is it that my windows explorer doesn't open a the
folder properties window.
When I select it and click it, it just stay still, doesn't hang, just
doesn't show the file properties window that it is supposed to appear when I
click the properties option from any folder right click menu.
If it is because an error in my systems, could you give advice in correcting
this behavior.
Or perhaps it is some security feature within windows 2000. If this would
have been the case, can you tell me how to change it.
Thank you.

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