User name & password prompts

User name & password prompts

Post by James Camero » Tue, 15 Aug 2000 04:00:00

Every trime I log on to my e-mail thru Microsoft outlook the prompt appears
for my user name & password for each account I am checking, even tho' I
click the remember password box.
How can I prevent this.
I am operating windows2000 professional



User name & password prompts

Post by Guy » Tue, 15 Aug 2000 04:00:00

you need to be a member of the thrusted domain by your exchange Domain



1. RRAS & PAP, user/password prompt

  I want to use my w2k server as a RAS server with PAP authentication.
I want the client to be prompted for a username and password when
dialing to the RAS server.

More specificaly I have an embeded system that has ppp and a tcp/ip
stack and I want to be able to login with plain text on the RAS server
and use sockets communication. I have installed ras services and
disabled all authentication methods except PAP on my RAS server and
the remote access policy. After doing this I used Hyperterminal from
another machine to test it, and dialed to my ras server. I get no
prompt for a username and password. How do I do this? How can I
configure the username and password prompts? Do I need some kind of
Thanks in advance for any reply or hint.

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