adapter not showing under Network and Dial-up Connections

adapter not showing under Network and Dial-up Connections

Post by Mike A » Thu, 05 Apr 2001 16:03:45

My network adapter is not showing under my Network and Dial-up Connections.
The only icon present it 'Make New Connection'.

I am running Win2k Server + cable modem, and have tried two different
adapters - LinkSys 10/100 EtherFast "Designed for Windows 2000" card and SMC
EZ card.  Both work fine, except neither would show up under Connections.  I
have also re-installed Win2k, but it didn't help.

Is there a way to fix that? Can I change something in the registry?
(I need to be able to add a protocol, for example)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Has anyone ever ran into a situation where the Networking
and Dial-Up connections shows no connections including the
add new connections option.  I have tried re-applying SP3,
advanced settings, etc.  The network card exists in device
manager and I can access network devices and the Internet
but I cannot modify any settings.  Bizarre.  Any help
would be appreciated, please send email to

subject so I can more easily distinguish it from the
garbage I receive daily.  Thanks

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