Event ID 105 in the System Event Log [Q254525]

Event ID 105 in the System Event Log [Q254525]

Post by Fabio Nowak Sim?e » Fri, 22 Sep 2000 04:00:00

I'm getting Event ID 105 in my server's event viewer. The solution described in
the article q254525 is not true, the cable is always plugged an the network is
always available. Thus, these are not the reason for event ID 105. What is the
reason for this event in my server?




1. Event ID 105 (Q254525)

I keep getting a message "send packet error 10065" on my screen every few minutes
when I am not connected to a network or the internet. The event log shows event
id 105 and article Q254525 says "the error messages occur every time you start
the computer until the network becomes available ..Microsoft has confirmed this
to be a problem etc". Has anyone else encountered this problem ? If there is no
way around it, is there any way to disable the display of the error message
before it drives me up the wall.


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