Add/Remove Programs icon doesn't work

Add/Remove Programs icon doesn't work

Post by JMB » Fri, 03 Aug 2001 01:27:50

I have two machines that will not run the program when double clicking on
it.  I have setup of two machines that are identical configurations and one
works and the other does not.  Is there a fix to this?  I have run almost
all micrsoft patch's and have service pack 2 loaded.

1. Add/Remove programs icon doesn't work

I have had two case's of the Add/Remove programs icons within Control Panel
not work.  You click on it and nothing happens.  It makes it a bit difficult
to remove any programs if you can't bring up the interface.  I have all the
microsoft patchs and latest service pack installed.  I configured two
machines indentical in hardware and software and one works fine and the
other one doesn't.  Please help.

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