Security on AD-intergaded Zones

Security on AD-intergaded Zones

Post by Anthon » Wed, 23 May 2001 12:08:10

Hi guys,

    I am working on our Windows 2000 DNS implementation and i am having
endles troubles setting ACL's on the zone and servers. im trying to restrict
access to delete the zone from the DNSADMINS group but still allow then to
create and delete hosts. i cant find any information on this anywhere.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards



1. Losing AD Security Settings causes DNS Zones to appear to be missing

I'm not sure of what might be relevant, but soon after adding a 2nd member
server to my single server domain (AD/DNS/PDC/no BDC) and installing SQL
2000 and Exchange 2000 on the member server and removing SQL 7.0 and
Exchange 5.5 from the primary server I have lost my Active Directory
Security settings about a dozen times.  Symptoms include all zone data
missing from DNS.

I switched Exchange 2000 to native mode from mixed as I read of cases where
AD had issues in a mixed environment.

I have a script I run that restores everything, just more than a nuisance. I
cannot find the relevant MS KB article.  I rebuild forward and reverse zone
datausing standard files then I run a batch script having these commands;
cd \
cd %systemroot%
cd security\templates
secedit /configure /cfg "setup security.inf" /db ss.sdb /log ss.log /verbose
secedit /configure /cfg basicdc.inf /db basicdc.sdb /log basicdc.log

Then I reboot, and I'm fine.



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