automatic log off

automatic log off

Post by gregg sandli » Wed, 21 May 2003 03:29:48

In the older versions of Windows you had the ability to
force a user to log off after and pre-set amount of
inacvtivity. Is this still available ? If so how do i set
it up ?

Thanks in advance.....


1. Automatic log-off of users

Our network consists of a Windows 2000 Server and Windows
98 clients.  Our database application executes solely on
the Server, and every day we need to execute a "Run",
which is an end of day update/maintenance task.  This task
is essential and requires all users to not be connected to
any shares on the server from their workstations.  We have
had problems where users do not exit this database
application and the run therefore crashes with sharing
violations.  We need to find an automated way of ensuring
that all users are disconnected from the server at a
certain time to allow the run to complete without
interruption.  We have tried using the logon hours
restriction on the Server but have found that the users
who are currently logged on are not disconnected from
their current sessions when the logon restrictions come
into effect, but are unable to logon again should they log
off during this time.  As soon as the run begins, we need
for all the users to be disconnected.  Is there a feature
in Windows 2000 Server that we could use, or is there some
third-party software that we could download that would
meet our objective?

Many thanks
Raymond Diack

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