The Open Procedure for service "AppleTalk"...?

The Open Procedure for service "AppleTalk"...?

Post by Luther Ananda Mille » Thu, 17 Aug 2000 14:59:19

The Open Procedure for service "AppleTalk" in DLL
"C:\WINNT\System32\atkctrs.dll" failed. Performance data for this service
will not be available. Status code returned is data DWORD 0.

Anyone know why I get these messages in my Application log when I start
performance monitor, and how I can get rid of them? We are not using
AppleTalk at all, and I am not sure where to try and turn it off.


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done (short of setting up shortcuts) to by default go to the desired

2.  What is the text gibberish called which occurs at times when you open
a text file in another application - ie. Works' interpretation of a Word
Perfect file which shows unintelligible collections of smiley faces, ??, ``
##**(()), boxes -- anything but clear text??  I have on occasion received
e-mail with this display?  What is it?

3.  What can be done to correct problem where CTRL+Alt+Delete does NOT
bring up the Close Programs Dialog box?  Mine works maybe l out of 20

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