Any way to copy registry from "config" to "config2"?

Any way to copy registry from "config" to "config2"?

Post by Dave Patric » Sun, 03 Feb 2002 14:14:55

If you run Programs|Accessories|System Tools|Backup, then choose ERD, then if you check the box for
"Also backup....", then the reg will also be backed up to
leaving the
directory files intact as original installation.

Then the contents of
will be an image of


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 Hi, I need to be able to backup the entire O/S (\winnt) to a CD-R. The CD-R software (Adaptec
Easy-CD v4) cannot access the protected O/S files, as is usual, and this PC does not have a tape
drive (whose software can do that OK). I would like to be able to do the above simple copy; then the
CD-R writing software will object to almost everything in "config" and skip it, but the copy in
"config2" will get backed up. Is there some special version of "xcopy" which can do this? I have the
NT4 Resource kit which contains SCOPY but that is only for NTFS (this is a FAT32 partition).
Alternatively, has anybody produced CD writing software which can access everything? Nobody this
this for NT AFAIK, apart from the weird Ultrabac -> UDF -> CD-R route.

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1. Explorer "Read" access but deny "copy" and "write"

Ladies and Gentlemen, It might be a silly question but is there anyway
for a user to be able to open a file (read access) but not write to it
or copy it to a different location (i.e. his local desktop)? Now I
know what your thinking "if they can open it cant they do a 'save as'?
Well lets say that we could "tweak" the app so it would not show this
feature, can you deny the user from copying to another location
through Explorer? I'm sure this is confusing many, if you need any
further details please don't hesitate to ask.


I need to have a drive mapped so an application can set it as it's
"working" directory.....what will then happen is depending on what
credentials are used to long into the app. the user will have the
appropriate rights to see or not see things depending on what the
administrator has previously determined....the problem is that since
the drive is mapped the user can open my computer, open the mapped
drive , copy the files locally, burn them on a CD and open them at
home with out any specific security settings tied into his username
and password since the app is not in a "domain"/admin-client mode.
Essentially the user will be able to see the whole file with read
write access.
I guess what I could try to do is hide the "mapped drive" in explorer
but if the user was savvy enough (i.e. \\server\data1) or by chance
went to the root of the server he could still see things.

I hope this is a better explanation, your help is very much

PS I played around with the advanced security settings in W2KS but
couldn't get what I needed? Third party tool maybe, or is it just not


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