Hard drive changed format from NTFS to Raw on reboot

Hard drive changed format from NTFS to Raw on reboot

Post by Matt Brow » Sun, 20 Apr 2003 06:19:27


Last night I was downloading some files off the internet to a secondary hard
drive in my computer.  While these downloads were taking place I was reading
email in Outlook XP.  Windows update came on and told me there were new
updates to install.  I closed Outlook and installed the updates.  The
computer needed to be rebooted which I allowed it to do.

On reboot the file format of the secondary drive has changed from NTFS to

My question is:

Does anyone know of any way to repair the allocation table on this drive
WITHOUT formating the hard drive?

Does anyone know of any programs that may be able to recover the information
on this drive (I am not going to send the drive away)?

Does anyone know what may have happened to this drive?  Was it a windows
update issue or some other unrelated problem?

Other Info:

1) I am running a P3 800, 1 gig ram.
2) OS - Windows 2000 Pro
3) Downloading files through Kazaa (My shared folder was on that second
4) I have Norton Antivirus 2003 and have done a virus scan.  No virus found.
5) I dont know which windows updates it was attempting to install - I did
not check the details.  It must be something new though because I have kept
up to date with all the windows updates.
6) The hard drive appears to be working and I copuld reformat the drive (I
do not really want to though).

Possible solutions....
One tech I spoke with suggested using partion magic to adjust the size of
the partion by 10 megs or some other small number.   Has anyone ever heard
of that solving a problem like this or would that only make things worse?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


1. Hard Drive changed format from NTFS to Raw on ReBoot


I was workning on my computer yesterday, downloading some
file from the internet to a secondary hard drive formated

Windows update infomed me that their were new critical
updates to install and I allowed it to install the updates
(i did not check to see which updates it installed).

When the computer rebooted after the update my secondary
hard drive now is unreadable and chkdsk says the file
format is RAW.

Has anyone had this problem before and is there a way,
other than formating the drive, to restore the file system
to NTFS?

Does anyone know why this might have happened?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Matt Brown

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