DNS/netbios names

DNS/netbios names

Post by Alex Lazarevi » Fri, 06 Sep 2002 07:29:56

I am about to build a windows 2000 server which will be a domain
controller. It will also sync with NIS on other unix machines in our
domain through Services for Unix 3.0. It will also be the only DC in
the forest.

However, I have a problem: Other admins in my group want to have
different DNS names and netbios names for the windows clients. For
example, they want the dns name of a client to be
applejacks.farts.apartment.tub, and the netbios name of that client to
be applejacks-farts. The reason to have a different netbios name is to
avoid wierd conflicts with other windows machines named applejacks in
the apartment subnet, which for some reason can steal leases from our
applejacks.farts on the routers.

This is all well and good within an NT4.0 server environment, and it
works for us now - I can have conflicting DNS/netbios names and the
clients can still authenticate. But 2K server is built on DNS and I'm
really worried that if we don't match our DNS and netbios names, then
I won't be able to manage the clients remotely, or other really *
problems may come up.

What I'm asking is this: should your DNS names (first octet of the
name) match with the netbios name? Or can you effectively manage an
Active Directory with conflicting DNS/netbios names?

Thanks in advance,



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I have been warned against changing the DNS prefix of a domain away from its
NetBIOS name during an in place upgrade.  See example below.

Current domain name: DOMAIN-ONE
Default DNS name: DOMAIN-ONE.company.org
Proposed DNS name: domain.company.org

Forgetting about any DNS issues, can anyone provide any feedback on possible
issues that was arise if I decided to go against the default name and
implement the proposed one?

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