Win2k server don't close files after applications are closed

Win2k server don't close files after applications are closed

Post by blackbir » Wed, 11 Apr 2001 22:13:45


I have a small network with 15 workstations (win95/98/SE/ME), and my server
is a Pentium III 800/128 Ram.
This network have 3 segments (2 coaxial 10mbps and 1 10/100mbps).

When the workstations start their applications, the files appear openned on
server, but, after this applications are closed, this files stay openned on
server more than 30min/maybe 1hr.
When there files stay openned, this cause many conflicts.
Where I can adjust the time files stay openned after applications are
closed, or files is not more in use by workstations.

Thanks for all help

Sorry my poor English..



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