Script Error

Script Error

Post by Paul Ivanor » Sun, 09 Sep 2001 22:05:34

Keep getting

Script: m:\activescripts\addusers.vbs
Line: 100
Char: 13
Error : An operations error occurred

Code: 80072020
Source: (null)

Sample of script

Follow *****Line 100 below

' Windows Script Host Sample Script


' ------------------------------------------------------------------------

' Copyright (C) 1996 Microsoft Corporation


' You have a royalty-free right to use, modify, reproduce and distribute

' the Sample Application Files (and/or any modified version) in any way

' you find useful, provided that you agree that Microsoft has no warranty,

' obligations or liability for any Sample Application Files.

' ------------------------------------------------------------------------


'This script is adds users from the Windows NT DS

'via ADSI. The script reads an EXCEL spreadsheet that contains a page

'of users to add.


'The sample uses the directory root "LDAP://DC=ArcadiaBay,DC=Com,O=Internet"

'Change the directory path in the EXCEL spreadsheet to match your DS

'before running this sample.




'To add users, run ADDUSERS.VBS with %windir%\"Your Samples Directory

'To Delete users, run DELUSERS.VBS with %windir%\"Your Samples Directory

Dim oXL

Dim u

Dim c

Dim root

Dim ou

Dim TextXL


dim oArgs

'Get the command line args

set oArgs=wscript.arguments

'CRLF = Chr(13) & Chr(10)

'If no command line arguments provided, prompt for file containing users to

If oArgs.Count = 0 Then

TextXL = InputBox("This scripts reads an Excel spreadsheet and adds" & _

"users from the Windows NT DS via ADSI." & CRLF & CRLF & _

"Before starting, change the DS root in the EXCEL spreadsheet to match " & _

"your DS." & CRLF & CRLF & _

"Type in the path of a file containing users to add or delete" & CRLF & CRLF
& _

"Sample Add User file: ADDUSERS.XLS" & CRLF & _

"Sample Delete User file: DELUSERS.XLS" & CRLF)

'Else file containing users is the first argument


TextXL = oArgs.item(0)

End If

If TextXL = "" Then

WScript.Echo "No input file provided. Stopping the script now."


End If

'We will use ou to control loop, so set initial value to null

ou = ""

'Start EXCEL and display it to the user

Set oXL = WScript.CreateObject("EXCEL.application")

oXL.Visible = True

'Open the workbook passed in the command line TextXL

'Activate the Add page


'Put the cursor in the starting cell and read the DS root

oXL.ActiveSheet.range("A2").Activate ' this cell has the DS root in it

'Show it to the user

'WScript.Echo oXL.activecell.Value

'This is the starting point in the ds

root = oXL.activecell.Value

'Step to the next row

oXL.activecell.offset(1, 0).Activate

'Until we run out of rows

Do While oXL.activecell.Value <> ""

'if the requested OU is a new one...

If oXL.activecell.Value <> ou Then

'Pick up the OU name...

ou = oXL.activecell.Value

'Compose the ADSI path...

s = "LDAP://" + ou+"," + root

'Show it to the user...

WScript.Echo s

'And get the object

******Line 100

Set c = GetObject(s)

******End Line 100

End If

'Compose the user common name name from first and last names...

uname = "CN=" + oXL.activecell.offset(0, 1).Value + " " +
oXL.activecell.offset(0, 2).Value

'Create the new user object...

Set u = c.Create("user", uname)

'Set the properties of the new user

u.Put "givenName", oXL.activecell.offset(0, 1).Value 'givenName

u.Put "sn", oXL.activecell.offset(0, 2).Value 'sn

u.Put "mail", oXL.activecell.offset(0, 3).Value 'Email

u.Put "sAMAccountName", oXL.activecell.offset(0, 4).Value 'Sam Acct

u.Put "telephoneNumber", oXL.activecell.offset(0, 5).Value 'Phone

u.Put "userAccountControl",16

'...and update the DS


'Done with this object, discard it

Set u = Nothing

'Step to the next user...

oXL.activecell.offset(1, 0).Activate 'Next row


'Done. close excel spreadsheet



Script Error

Post by Alex K. Angelopoulo » Sun, 09 Sep 2001 22:47:51

Quote:> Keep getting

> Script: m:\activescripts\addusers.vbs
> Line: 100
> Char: 13
> Error : An operations error occurred

> Code: 80072020
> Source: (null)

Paul -
Cheers! You included the entire script!

Now the bad news - you may do better posting to the VBScript group since
that's an internal error to VBS. Here's how to find what one of those errors
means, though.  If you are not comfortable with VBS this may not do you a
lot of good, but hang on to it; trust me, you WILL want to read it in a few
weeks; this is a fishing lesson.

BTW, "80072020" is what Microsoft calls an "LDAP for ADSI" error.  It is
apparently a two-part hexadecimal error number; that may not mean anything
to you now, but you will be worried about it later :) - good luck.


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