Max cached Icons

Max cached Icons

Post by Jerold Schulma » Fri, 03 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Use 8000

>Does anyone know if the trick for Win95/98 of putting a Max Cached Icons
>setting into the Explorer settings will also work for Win2K without
>messing anything up?  i.e., Max Cached Icons "7000", so Win2K won't keep
>redrawing icons all the time.......


>Please remove "XXX" to reply...

Jerold Schulman / MVP
JSI, Inc.

1. Max Cached Icons - does it work in W2K?

Perhaps. I'm not sure if the 8000 value is valid. And you may also
need to rebuild your icon cache / system image list. Activicons is a
small freeware utility which does both of these (works in Win2000).
You can download a copy from  (it
also allows setting other desktop configurations). In Activicons, the
functions for rebuilding the icon list are 2 buttons at the
lower/right corner of its window. Also note -- sometimes you need to
reboot a couple of times (use the normal shutdown, not the rapid
shutdown) before Windows will recognize that the cache has been reset.

| In NT 4.0, the addition of the following key reduced the number of
| screen refreshes to redraw icons.
| HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Max Cached
| Icons = 8000
| Does this entry work in Windows 2K? My desktop is refreshing at a
| higher than expected rate, even after adding the registry value.

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