Service Pack for w2k MUI packs

Service Pack for w2k MUI packs

Post by Venkata Raman » Thu, 30 Jan 2003 03:06:45


Is there any service pack available for Multilingual packs
for windows 2000 professional with SP3.

I have windows 2000 with SP2 and MUI packs for Japanese,
Korean and Chinese. I want to upgrade the w2k SP2 to w2k
sp3. If I upgrade w2k OS to sp3, do i need to install any
service packs for my MUI packs?

Can some one help me on this?

Thanks a lot...



1. Service Pack - Installing components after service pack has already been installed

Hey folks,

I have Win 2000, SP2, Critical updates.

Let's say I need to add a component like Terminal Services, or WINS, or
DNS, or whatever.

Obviously the install is going to ask for the Windows 2000 original CD.  
Is the installation smart enough to know NOT to overwrite any newer files
that may exists via SP2 or hotfixes???

Does one have to go through the SP2 update and Critical updates after
installing a new component???

Thanks in advance!

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