TS License

TS License

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Actually, your license is checked every time you connect to a Terminal
Server, but the License Server never accesses the Internet, except when
you're activating it or installing CALs, using the wizard.

You can read more about TS licensing at


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Quote:> Please forgive me if you are aware of the following but if
> not, it may help.

> Are you aware that you have to set up a "License Server"
> for Terminal Server, that verifies your licenses with
> Microsoft?  Also, Win2K will give you a temporary 60 day
> license but on the last day will cut you off exactly as
> stated.

> No Terminal Server license is required if your clients are
> Win2K or WinXP, but anything below that (such as Win98SE
> and less) require a paid license.  The Licensing Server
> you set up checks your licenses about every 15 minutes, I
> believe through the net.  ALSO:

> You can set up licenses THREE ways:
> 1.  Just - licenses, per server.
> 2.  License, per seat.
> 3.  WITHIN per seat licensing, per group licensing.

> Per Group licensing allows you to set up users that can
> run across multiple computers using only the same TS
> license.  The exception to this is if they log onto two or
> more clients at the same time, which sucks down multiple
> TS licenses.  Remember, these PAID licenses only apply
> below Windows XP and 2K on the client computer.


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