Win crypt functions

Win crypt functions

Post by Karlis Ferster » Sat, 14 Jul 2001 03:01:57

Can't decrypt session keys with Windows NT crypt function encrypted wiht
Windows Me crypt functions.

I'm using Windows API crypt functions. Using the same functions on Windows
NT, 2K, 98 results are identical, but on Windows Me different. In the result
session keys encrypted with Windows Me can decrypt only Windows 2K.

Who can help me? Or where can I find solution?


1. Problem with MS Crypt API

I am using MS Crypt32 library. It works ok with my GUI application. Now, I
am converting the application to a service. The enryption/decryption are not
working. The return string is empty. I am using RSA_FULL CSP and RC2 for
encrypt/decrypt. I am running on a Windows 2000. Can someone tell me the
requirement for using the crypt32.lib?



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