Roaming Profiles and Redirection

Roaming Profiles and Redirection

Post by Big Brothe » Wed, 18 Sep 2002 06:46:33

Hey all -

I was hoping that someone could shed some light on using roaming profiles
and redirection together.
I'm trying to set up roaming profiles that point to a \\Server\Users share.
I'd like to be able to use redirection so that I don't have to copy
everything back and forth from the server at each login/logoff. Does the
combination of these two allow for automatic synchronization for a laptop
user that has been working offline?
Do I need to configure the Home Directory in the user objects for AD? Should
I have the profile location point to the share mentioned above?
Also - I tried using all of what I mentioned above, and find that all of the
redirected folders appear as icons on the desktop and in the Start Menu - is
this normal? Can't the users just continue to use the existing My Documents
folder without new shortcuts?



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Hi All,

I'd like to use Outlook Express with Roming User Profiles and Folder
Redirection, our enviroment is
Win2000 pro. I've successfuly installed Roaming Profiles and Folder
Redirections, the problem is that
Outlook Express will only save the emails on the local systems, unless I
specifically configure the message
folder settings in OE to point to a folder inside the redirected Application
Data folder.

I'd like to know if theres a way to configure user profiles to store OE's
default message folder to be
stored on a network server, without having to go to each workstation and
configure their OE to
point to a redirected folder.

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