FrontPageExtetions and IIS

FrontPageExtetions and IIS

Post by Bob Smit » Sun, 29 Apr 2001 21:47:09

Ah, now the light comes on, as the old man once said.....Sound like your c: drive
is formatted as a FAT partition, is this correct, next is IIS installed as a
default installion, do you have an Inetpub directory off the root of C: such as
C:\Inetpub. IIS requires NTFS and IIS 5 default installation is the C:\ drive
unless you do a custom install. I have added some links concerning installing IIS
to a different drive and and article on the loopback adapter. Hope this helps.

Bob Smith

Quote:-----Original Message-----

yeah i did as u said but every time i try to configer the web site with the front
page extentions he says that i need to reconfiger the IIS on NTFS partetion and i
allready have the F: drive NTFS so how i can cinfegire it
also the main problem that the Vesual InterDev cant see localhost to creat a new
project will it do it when i configer the extentions??i dont know
ive been informed to install the loopback adaptor and i did but it doesnt make
any deff.


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I'm fairly green at win2k learning as i go, but had a
IIS/ColdFusion/Access Page up and running Server running
Win2k/IIS with Cold Fusion, Database done with access and
Page development via Marcomedia Ultra Dev. And well
anyways i got hacked. So this time around I wanted to
make more secure and installed IIS lockdown well my issue
is i put the page back in place and now i'm getting a
page stating
"this page can not be displayed
then somthing about ODBC"
Ok so fine maybe i need to rebuild the connection pages
and get the pages reconnected now. But now with IIS
Lockdown i can not get access into the server remotly to
do this work. Anyone ran into this problem and have any
idea how i can keep security as tight as possible and
still run my Dynamic pages and UltraDev and all this?

Thanks in advance.

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