Change all users Terminal Services Home Directory

Change all users Terminal Services Home Directory

Post by Kevi » Fri, 11 Apr 2003 21:01:00

I have over 1000+ users on my AD (W2K).  I need to change
the Terminal Services Home Directory.

I have checked and AD does not support Windows Script
changes until Windows 2003, which we do not have.

Has anyone any ideas on how I can go about changing these?


1. Win XP Home User Locked Out After Password Changed in Active Directory

Good Morning.  I'm an IT intern at a brokerage firm, my boss is out of
the office, one of the partners is having this problem, shit hitting
the fan...

So our network requires users to update their passwords every so
often.  One of the users, who logs on using his laptop running XPHE,
was gone for a couple weeks and missed these prompts.  So he was
locked out.  I went ahead and reset his password in Active Directory,
and assured that it would prompt him to change the password on his
next login attempt.

When he attempted to login to his computer using the new password, he
was unable to do so.  The old password still lets him in, but he
obviously cannot access the network drives.  I tried changing his user
password on the laptop so it would match the new ActiveDirectory
password, but this did not change the situation once he logged in.

On other network computers, which run Win2k, I attempted to login
using his sn and the reset password, and it asked me to change the
password (as expected).  What, then, do I need to do on the XPHE
laptop to fix this problem?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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