Change Password status?

Change Password status?

Post by Thomas Remah » Fri, 04 Aug 2000 04:00:00


Back in July there was a thread on setting password and am checking to see
if anyone has been successful at changing the password for a user? I would
love to see (i.e. sample code) how it is done via LDAP C-SDK (preferable) or
ADSI (C/C++). Whenever I issue the SetPassword method, I get "unknown user
name or bad password". Other attributes can be read OK and I use the
Administrator's credentials when binding!

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated,



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I am connected to the local network through a machine on which I have
Administrative privileges. The entire network is based on Windows2000.
The network administrator has set the password expiry period as 42 days. Is
there anyway by which I can find out the number of days, currently
remaining, before my password expires ?

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