Slow VPN over the ADSL

Slow VPN over the ADSL

Post by Budimir Drinci » Fri, 30 Jun 2000 04:00:00

My client dialup in into their ISP and then from there VPN into our Company
network. No meter from wich ISP they try to VPN they got only 9600 b/s. My
RRAS is W2K advanced, at same time DC. Does anyone have this problem?

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Hope someone can help.

We have a Windows 2000 Server running RRAS service. The server is
connected to the internet via a routed no nat ADSL connection. We have
remote workers running Win98 with home ADSL.

When we create a VPN to our network the connection only shows up as
9600bps and is very slow. The intitial internet connection connects at

Is there a setting to increase the speed. I have looked at the ports in
RRAS and can't see anything there. When we used to RAS dial in via
anologue modems, we used to connect at about 26600bps and the response
seems faster than we are getting via ADSL. I don't think can be right?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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