Kerberos Authentication

Kerberos Authentication

Post by LC » Sun, 27 May 2001 00:33:26

I know this may be a stupid question...  but does anyone know where I can
find a white paper, or something that states how kerberos works in windows
2000.  From how the authentication process starts, to the end of the logon
process?  That would help me immensely!

Thank you!


1. Kerberos Authentication and Computer Account Logon problem


Can anyone please help me solve a very frustrating problem with a laptop
[winxp pro] on a windows 2000 server domain. I'm getting the following two
errors in the event security log for account logon event id 675 and 677.
I've checked and can't find anything that can help me solve it.
I've tried deleting and re-adding the computer account, I've tried netdom
with the join but it fails a trust relationship between the primary domain
and the laptop.

I've tried to look in wins, dns on the DC but can;t see what to change if
anything. Any urgent help would be very much appreciated.


Authentication Ticket Granted:
  User Name:  Administrator
  Supplied Realm Name: DOMAIN
  User ID: DOMAIN\administrator
  Service Name:  krbtgt
  Service ID:  DOMAIN\krbtgt
  Ticket Options:  0x40810010
  Ticket Encryption Type: 0x17
  Pre-Authentication Type: 2
  Client Address:

Pre-authentication failed:
  User Name:  COMPUTER01$
  User ID:  COMPUTER01
  Service Name:  krbtgt/DOMAIN.COM
  Pre-Authentication Type: 0x2
  Failure Code:  0x18
  Client Address:

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