Windows Media Player Question

Windows Media Player Question

Post by Bria » Sat, 21 Sep 2002 01:05:06


I have Windows 2000 and Windows Media Player 7.01. When I play random songs
via the player, every time it changes a song, it takes the focus over all of
the other items in my task bar and it will flash for attention. It never did
this before. How do I stop this?



1. Win98/Windows Media Player Question

I suddenly began having problems when listening to audio (radio) using
Windows Media Player, in that the audio is now coming in 2 or 3 second
'bursts'.  I tried several stations and the same thing occurred. I
uninstalled WMP (even went to the registry and cleaned out the WMP
orphans) and reinstalled. Same thing.  I even downloaded the WMP 6.2
Beta and the same thing happened.  I used both IE5 and Netscape, but
the problem persists.  Is there anything in Win98 itself that could be
affecting this?

Barry Bruyea

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