Anyone ever heard of windrivers.exe, winntload.exe, bPP.exe, Shell32.exe or SystemRestorer.exe?

Anyone ever heard of windrivers.exe, winntload.exe, bPP.exe, Shell32.exe or SystemRestorer.exe?

Post by doo.d » Fri, 18 Oct 2002 22:29:24

Logging into our computer running win2000 server appears to start
several processes (they appear in the Windows Task Manager) that I
don't recognize.

These processes include WinDrivers.exe, winntload.exe, bPP.exe,
Shell32.exe and SystemRestorer.exe

WinDrivers.exe takes up about 60% of the CPU (whenever it is running
then services.exe also runs and takes up the other 40% of the CPU).
While winntload.exe and bPP.exe each seem to take up a little of the
CPU every 30 seconds.

If I end the WinDrivers.exe process, then the CPU usage drops down to
zero.  But every 30 seconds the winntload.exe process takes up about
20% of the CPU.

When I log out it remains this way until I log back in again, which
restarts the WinDrivers.exe process.

The winntload.exe program was created Friday, July 12, 2002.  The
MSGSRV.exe program was created Monday, September 30, 2002.  The
WinDrivers.exe, bPP.exe, Shell32.exe, and SystemRestorer.exe programs
were all created Wednesday, October 09, 2002.

Has anyone ever hear of these programs?  Do I have a virus, worm, or
something else like that?



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I have a computer running win2000 server.  The CPU is being used at
100%.  When I look at the processes that are running, it appears that
services.exe and windrivers.exe are each using about 40-60% (total
always hovers around 100%).

When I kill the windrivers.exe process the CPU usage goes down to
about 1-2%.  Not sure when or how, but windrivers.exe came back even
tho I didn't reboot the computer.  I searched for it and found two
47KB files with that name (one in C:\winnt and one in
C:\winnt\system32), that were both created about a week or two ago
when our server started to have problems being slow.

I can't find ANY references to windriver.exe.  Anyone have any ideas
what it is???


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