Connection status not shown

Connection status not shown

Post by Justus Klempere » Tue, 06 Nov 2001 00:51:29

When i get online (dial-up), the status icon does not go
to the taskbar.  
There's no way for me to know how fast or how long i've
been connected.  Under the Conneciton Porpertied (Network
and Dial up connecitons on the Control Panel) i do have
the box asking to show the status checked.
Any ideas ?

(by the way, this was working fine 2 days ago)



1. command line print - doc name will not show in printer's status window


I have a batch file program that will scan the contents of
a network folder and send it to its local LPT1
plotter/printer, then loops and starts over again
(basically, a spooler).  It is mainly used for CAD plots
where plots both take long periods of time and/or we get
plot files from consultants that we have to send directly
to the plotter/printer.

I have tried using both the "print" and "copy" command
which plot/prints fine, BUT the problem is that the
printer's normal status window will not show the
document's name.  All that appears in the "Document Name"
column when sending a .plt file to an Oce 9400 plotter
is "Unknown Document" or when sending a .prn file to an HP
Laserjet 6P is "Remote Downlevel Document".

The problem with not having the document's name appear in
the printer's normal status window is that we may have up
to 100 documents (but usually around 20-30) in the queue,
and want to either delete certain documents from the queue
that are no longer needed, or pause certain documents so
that other more important documents come out quicker,
etc.  Without the document's name, there is no way of
telling which document is which.

Is there something I can do with my batch file spooler to
make these document names appear in the printer's normal
status window?  Again, I am using either the "print"
or "copy" command but if there is another command that
will do the same thing and give me the result I need, I
will be more than glad to use it.  

I know I can "share" the local printer and have others
print directly to it in which case the document's name
WILL appear; BUT, I am trying to avoid this for various
reasons including the fact that this will still NOT allow
us to simply dump cad plot (.plt) files into a folder and
have it printed/plotted automatically, etc.

Also, we are using Windows2000 on NT servers.  Primary
application is Autocad R14 and 2002 along with MSOffice.


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