Change system partition under Windows 2000 dynamic disk structure

Change system partition under Windows 2000 dynamic disk structure

Post by Bradle » Thu, 07 Feb 2002 06:59:38

We are having a problem under Windows 2000 Server SP2 where C:\ is the boot
partition and D:\ is the system partition.  This would be fine except we
need to resize the D:\ partition and are not allowed to do so because it is
a system partition.  Is there a way to change the system partition from D:\
to C:\ .  Note that the disk is a Windows 2000 dynamic disk, and as such I
can find no options to change the 'active' partition.



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Hi everyone,
I have a complex windows NT 4.0 domain structure.
1 PDC and 5 BDC and 3 others domain are trusted together.
What is the best way to migrate those NT server to
Windows 2000 server with small impact and change for

I am try to setup one more windows 2000 as BDC first and
then promote to PDC. after that, install others windows
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Will it affect the directory services?
If I have around 1000 users account. PDC for windows 2000
using PIII 1G and 512MB Ram is the PDC capacity OK?
Thanks for help.

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