Exchange design questions.......

Exchange design questions.......

Post by Jame » Wed, 27 Feb 2002 12:11:57


I have some design problems for my exchange/ DNS setup.

I have 2 locations , with 2 servers. These servers are each running win2k
server, Exchange 2000 and ISA server

Server #1
Domain is ""

Server #2
domain is ""

these 2 systems are not linked at all, except via basic internet

Our domain is hosted externally my a ISP, our mail is held at this server
also. The mail is then downloaded using a POP to exchange program.

The problem is that the two locations can not send email to each other. This
is because each server thinks it owns the DNS for that

location 2, the email fails as the location 1 server cannot find the user in
its local list, so says it is undeliverable.(and vice versa)

Originally we were going to host our own dns and email ,(so location 1 would

(this is located in a third world country) we have hosted everything in the
US. I think i originally had designed the setup ok, but with the unreliable
internet issue and external hosting has caused all the issues.

I am not experienced in the design of this sort of thing , and the way it is
currently running is very dodgy.
Does anyone out there have any ideas on the best way to set this up?

Notes to remember for the design :

- internet connections are not reliable
- design needs to be as simple as possible (there are not many/if any that
can fix problems if they arise in the country)
- there are travelling users
- we are a non-profit organisation (ie. very little money for this type of

thanks very much in advance :)



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