printer spooler stops itself

printer spooler stops itself

Post by harsh sha » Sat, 22 Mar 2003 23:54:27

hi fellows,

i am running a windows 2000 server with service pack 3 on
it. The print spooler keeps stopping once every couple of
hours randomnly. does anybody have an idea what could be

Harsh Shah


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Big problrm:

we have small network, HP LaserJet 2200DN with Jet-direct
network module is directly connected to LAN.
On Win2000 Pro workstation when we start printing,
sometimes spooler service crashes and we are not able to
print. We can start spool service again from Services control
panel and everything works fine, but we cannot figure why
spooler service crashes.

This problem occurs ONLY with HP printers directly
connected to LAN, or if any of our HP printers is directly
connected to LPT port and shared to network and someone
wants to print via LAN on this shared printer.

Weve tried almost everything - clean install from scratch,
newest HP drivers, Win2000 SP1, SP2, but without any

There are no problems with printing from WinNT 4
workstations, nor Win9x. Also, Minolta LAser printer
connected via AXIS Printserver to LAN has no problems.
Only HP (LJ 2200DN, LJ4550, Office K80)

Thank you.

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