Modifying the User Name

Modifying the User Name

Post by Tareq Saddi » Thu, 22 Feb 2001 02:35:47

How do I change the way a user shows up under the MMC? When you goto "Active
Directory Users and Computers" and click on the "Users" container, the users
will show on the right. The "Name" column show the user by displaying
MI. Lastname" which is the default.

I was able to change the creating of a new user to display as "Lastname,
Firstname MI." but unfortunately that doesn't change the existing users that
been created. When you double-click on a user I was able to modify it so the
display name will show the way I want BUT that doesn't change how the user
appears under the "Name" column in the MMC Snap-in.



1. Please Help: Modified User/Log-in Name

Please excuse the cross-post, but I really need help on this one, and I'm
not sure which would be the best place for it.

I have a Windows2000 Professional system which was running fine until
yesterday, then all of a sudden I couldn't log into my account name (or at
least not what it was before).  Basically, here's the info:

Computer Name:  WRKSTN01
Log-in Name:  turnbuld

Yesterday I attemped to change my log-in name, so I went into Administrative
Tools, Computer Management, then changed the username.  No problem so far.
I then realised in my 'Documents and Settings\Users\' directory was still
named the old username, so I changed it.  After looking into it, I believe
this to be my problem.  Now, whenever I attempt to log-in, it does in fact
log me in, but into the account 'turnbuld.WRKSTN01' instead of just
'turnbuld'.  Windows created the new username by itself, and it does not
contain any of the documents or settings of the original account.

Please, if you have ANY idea what I can do to fix this, I would be eternally
grateful (well, at least for a long, long time).  I can't get into any of my
emails or files!  (I'm using a different machine to sent this, obviously).

Thanks in Advance to all you wonderful people (this is me sucking up....)


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