Service for UNIX 2.0 HELP!

Service for UNIX 2.0 HELP!

Post by Greg McCormic » Fri, 12 Apr 2002 04:26:53

I am trying to setup Windows Service for UNIX 2.0 on NT
Server 4. It runs through the setup and reboot fine. Then
I try to launch the Admin console and I get a Dr Watson
Access violation message. I have tried this on two
different servers and have had the same result. Attached
is the Error log from Doc Watson.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm using the migration wizard in SFU 2.0 to migrate our unix users
into active directory.  I'm migrating the groups and passwd files from
NIS.  First of all, I'm getting errors on accounts that are longer
that 8 characters in length.  It seems like a SFU problem because I
have users in AD that I've manually created with more than 8
characters.  The second problem I'm having, for the accounts that are
getting migrated, the passwords are not getting migrated.  They are
all set with blank passwords and the User Must Change Password at Next
Logon flag is set on all migrated accounts.  Any ideas?

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