"Unsafe removal of device" with 20GB and 30GB Hard drives...

"Unsafe removal of device" with 20GB and 30GB Hard drives...

Post by mo » Mon, 17 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I have an older motherboard that does NOT support ATA/66 but I do have the
most current bios that DOES support large 20GB and 30GB drives...   I have
disabled ATA/66 on the Western Digital drives with the Data Lifeguard
Utilities, and I get this error: "Unsafe removal of device" when I open Disk
Management...   Anyone else have this problem???



1. "Unsafe Removal of Device" - How to Disable Message?

A simple question with an odd background.

The question - How do I disable, within Windows 2000 SP3, the pop-up message
"Unsafe Removal of Device".

The background - I realise the reason this message normally pop's up is that
you remove a USB device or the like without first "uplug or ejecting" it
from the taskbar. In my case, however, I receive this error once a day for a
very odd reason...

My nearby fish-tank lights switch on!

The tank lights are on an automated timer and for some reason (power spike?)
one of my USB hubs plugged into the mains takes this as a USB device being

Obviously this is quite annoying - and beyond the obvious "get your
electrics fixed", I wonder if there is a registry hack or something similar
to turn off the "Unsafe Removal of Device" pop-up?


Richard Tubb.

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