win98 trouble accessing win2k with at twist...

win98 trouble accessing win2k with at twist...

Post by Newscen » Sun, 08 Sep 2002 15:59:23

I have a w2k laptop that I  bring home from work.. It is on a domain called
I can access its shares at work from anytype of machine.. wether on a domain
or not..

I bring it home and plug it in to my wireless network (linksys) I log into
either the cached profile or the local account. It can access my win98

my win98machine can ping it and resolve its name.. but when I go to browse
or unc connect I am told network path cannot be found..

I log into the win98 using an account that exists on the win2k box

the win98 has netbui.. microsoft networking, and file and print share on..
It belongs to a workgroup with the same name as my domain at work... DEV

Help.... thanks

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We have one location with 1 WinNT 4 server, 1 Win2K pro client and 5 Win9x
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share.  The error message that I get (on all the Win9x clients is Unknown
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I have the share on Win2k set to everyone and full access but! no go.

I have the same config in my office and it works fine.  I even matched up
the setting with my laptop running Win2k pro.  I am running out of hair to
pull out. Any ideas.  Thanks in advance.


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