Outlook XP and Recover deleted items

Outlook XP and Recover deleted items

Post by David Kewel » Wed, 06 Mar 2002 20:29:59

Dear all

Does anyone no of a away of removing the option to 'Recover deleted Items'
from the menu to machines that have already been deployed?

Is there a registry change I can use on all the clients?



1. Outlook Deleted items appearing in the Archive Delete bin

Anyone have this happen?
I emptied my Deleted items, the bun was definately empty
and then a couple of hours later when I was doing an
archive, once I had opened up the Archive folder I saw
that the bin, in the Archive had all the emails which I
had emptied in there. I checked to see the properties of
the regular Deleted items was correctly set ans itwas on
the "permanently delete" rather than move to archive. Can
any one tell me how they still wound uparchived?

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