Delay when shutting down

Delay when shutting down

Post by Andy » Thu, 29 Aug 2002 08:06:33

Hello. I am repairing a Dell PC for a friend of mine. It
has Windows 2000 Professional on it. I cant help noticing
how long it is taking to Shut down. It stays at the
screen "saving to disk" for what seems like much longer
than Windows 98. Is there any way of finding out why its
taking so long and any way to speed up the shutting down
time of Windows 2000 Professional.
Many Thanks,

1. auto shut down on win2k Pro doesn't shut the computer down?

I have been looking up all doc. and try to find out how to
make the computer shut down itself after I click shut
down. When I had win 98, my computer (ATX case) will shut
down itself. One of my friend said the win2k didn't
implement this function but as I recall, my computer at my
pervious company also shut down itself. Any clue? Please
help. Thanks,


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