multi os on same partition

multi os on same partition

Post by Clif » Wed, 01 Jan 2003 15:04:07

When I installed Adobe Photoshop Elements it wiped out my
system32\config\system file and my computer would not boot.
I tried the emerg recovery disk but it would not copy the
file. The commputer would not boot to the safe mode either
so restore last know good config was not available.  As a
last resort I tried to reinstall Win 2k over the top of
the one on the computer but a seperate version installed
so when I boot I have 2 WIN 2kPro to choose from. One will
boot to the basic while the original will stop saying that
file windows\system32\config \SYSTEMd is missing or
corrupt. None of my programs will run on the new system
although they are listed under the explorer not
start/programs. I need to uninstall the new version and
repair the old version with the correct file. I have tried
copying a new file under the repair console mode but no
Can I get a new file into the old windows and how do I
tell it to stop looking for SYSTEMd on boot up as I think
this is a bogus file.
Sorry for the long message but I need help.
Thanks  Cliff

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i have 2 partitions, c and d. c has win 98, and i added a d partition with
a clean install of win2000. it has a dual boot configuration now
(automatic after installing win 2000 pro). problem is, i have everything
on my c partition and i want to be able to access them from win2000. any
way I can safely do this? by the way, both partitions are fat32, made with
partition magic 5.1, if it really matters. So please, any programs that
may do this, suggestions, would be extremely helpful.

Thank you.

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